Event Marketing


Trade Marketing

Sales Promotion

Planning, implementation and evaluation of Trade Marketing projects, that directly approach and activate the consumer at point of sales. Promotion, Samplings, Leaflet distribution.

Social Media
Interactive Marketing

Applications of direct Marketing and Sales Promotion, with the use of web platforms and social media tools.




Storage, handling, packaging, distribution of P.O.P materials, nationwide coverage.




Event Management

Events, conferences, sales meetings, exhibitions, special events, night events, sport events, sponsorships.

Creative & Production

Creative proposals for events and products, that are supported through an in house Creative Department.

In Addition the Production Department, procure the appropriate tools and materials for an intergrated solution.


Human resources and CRM

CRM Direct Marketing

CRM, Direct Mail, One to One Communication, Loyalty programs.

green marketing

Green Marketing

CSR, sales promotion for Eco products and Eco Events.