Sales & Merchandising Service

1sales & merchandising

Sales & Merchandising

Creating permanent or ad hoc sales teams, training and checking distribution channels and point of sales. Organizing, training and handling Merchandising Teams, that can staff permanent or ad hoc programs, upon client’s and product requests.

(Placement, Pricing, Out of Stock, Orders)


On time reporting
Day to Day Report.

On time information, via internet (Day to Day Report)

4.0M DigitalCAM

Point of sales check

Registration of point of sales per region, product, volume, distribution. Placement, distribution, promotion of P.O.P material. Mystery Shopping.


Creative and P.O.P. materials

Creative, Production, Window displays, Stands, Special Booths, and P.O.P.

In house creative and production department.


Category Management

Research of product categories, design and implementation of cm plans and merchandising.



Storage, handling, packaging, distribution of P.O.P materials, nationwide coverage.